Our Story

We are a husband and wife duo with a vision for a backyard malt house in the heart of farm country.  Craft malt is as original as craft beer, each adding their own special “something” to the brew. We believe that each brewery and distillery deserves the individual attention that we feel only a craft malt house can provide. Using local ingredients and hand crafted equipment, our malt is as unique to Illinois as we are.

Our malt house was built from the ground up in a circa 1940’s livestock barn surrounded by acres of beautiful crops. Our main grain products are grown and harvested on those beautiful surrounding acres by Konen Farms, who has proudly been a certified organic farm since 2008.

The name Duffin Station originated from a 1929 hamlet (small settlement) at the Northeast corner of Big Rock township. As with many of the hamlets of the era, Duffin was the dream of the optimistic residents.  The building of the Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota Railroad through the corner of the township, made a town at this location seem a reality. But, the railroad lasted only a few years, people moved, and the area returned to a good farming area (county records library).  This northeast corner is the current location of our malt house and Konen Farms.

From the smallest home brewer to an award-winning distillery, Duffin Station Malt House and Grain can provide the individual time and attention each artisan deserves.